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Peewee Hockey Canada Skills Development Manual

Overview - The drills for this series were developed to assist coaches in running sequential, well organized practices. Each manual set contains 32 practices divided into 4 training phases with each phase having its own objectives and outcomes. Each practice plan may be applied as presented or simply used as a guideline by the more experienced coach. Beyond these valuable drills, the manuals also contain sections on topics such as teaching tips, off-ice stretching exercises and safety tips.

The Drills - The 32 practice plans will cover an entire season and are laid out in a manner that is very easy to follow and to work with. Each drill is described in detail and a time limit is included to ensure that the practice is kept on track. As well, key instructional points are included so that coaches can ensure the players are not simply doing drills but instead 'learning the game". Each diagram is clearly illustrated allowing for easy understanding of the drills.

The manuals come with a protective see-through plastic folder so that the coach can simply remove the appropriate practice plan from the manual and take it to the rink with them. 130 pages.


Goals for the Peewee age category are:

• fun

• refining of individual tactics

• intro to team play

The Peewee program recommends the following practice time allotment:

• 45% technical skills

• 25% individual tactics

• 10% team tactics

• 10% team play

• 10% strategy

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